Picnic Café

Picnic, simply healthy…

  • Fresh produce:

For our salads freshly prepared on the premises and our famous vegetable or fruit cocktails, we use a mixture of organic and mainly locally-sourced fruit and vegetables.

Our sandwiches are made using traditionally-baked bread specially made for Picnic and which is also served with our hot or chilled soups (depending on the season). Or why not try our hot pasta dishes ready in 3 minutes flat!

We also have delicious homemade desserts to enjoy at any time of the day. And, of course, hot and cold beverages to drink at the café or takeaway.

  • The interiors have been designed specifically with your comfort in mind, so that, whatever your mood or the time of day, you can take your pick between our club chairs, bar tables, traditional tables and wall seats… We also have two terraces, one covered and one outdoors, what luxury! After a night out, have your first coffee of the morning sitting on the banquette wall seats, then come back for lunch with your colleagues at one of our high bar tables and, what better at teatime than to sit back in a club chair in the lounge with a well-deserved cup of tea.
  • You’ll find a very friendly welcome here at Picnic: making sure that our customers are satisfied is the priority of every member of the team.

Picnic Café stands for good, simple and healthy food, so our slogan naturally is: Picnic Café: simply healthy!

  • Picnic because everything we serve to delight your taste buds can be consumed on the premises or take it with you for a picnic in the park, in the office, at home in the evening, on the tram, or as you go shopping.
  • Café because you can come and enjoy good coffee at any time of the day in a relaxed atmosphere and an attractive setting. Eat here or take away, you’ll be spoilt for choice: how about a noisette (macchiato), a grand crème (large milky coffee), decaffeinated, a cappuccino, or our sumptuous Italian hot chocolate, or choose from our selection of Kusmi teas.

We have also selected an exceptional Ethiopian Pure Arabica coffee for you, Lavazza’s Kafa.

  • Simply because we like to avoid over-complicated and ostentatious recipes, bogus products and artificial flavourings. Our cooking is unpretentious but we do everything with the utmost care and attention. For example, our fruit salad is made each day using fresh fruit delivered by our favourite greengrocer depending on what’s in season, and that is reflected in the taste of your fruit salad.
  • Healthy because all the produce we use is selected with one thing in mind: “Would I feed this to my own children?” If the answer is yes, then the product has passed the Picnic test and is deemed fit to serve, and if it’s organic or produced locally, even better!

So, treat yourself and let me take care of everything else!