Mobicity is the first retail outlet for the Easybike Group.

Founded in 2004, Easybike makes, develops and sells a full range of electrically assisted bikes, together with an array of related products. A pioneer in France, the Group aims to be the first to democratise this new means of getting around.

The Group, which now owns SOLEX, MATRA and Easybike, is France’s leading manufacturer of electrically assisted bikes.

Its 4,100 sqm factory is located in Saint Lo where the Easybike production lines are housed.

Easybike entrusted with the project to develop the first Mobicity retail outlet.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, opposite the main line train station, since 2008, Electric-cycles is highly-specialised in electrically assisted bikes.

The company’s values are reflected in the quality of the bikes it sells, in the advice provided and comprehensive after-sales service.

At this outlet, you can test ride the bike most suited to how you want to use a bike, trying out its advantages and its limits to be sure you make the right choice.

You can also take full advantage of professional advice on bike maintenance.